Tony Galeazzo,
a ‘cornerstone' of Canisteo-Greenwood, sets retirement date: Assistant superintendent a 33-year veteran of education
Tony Galeazzo will retire from Canisteo-Greenwood Central School this June, ending 33 years with the district.

CANISTEO - The Canisteo-Greenwood Central School District is about to say goodbye to a long-time employee who really knows the ins and outs of school facilities.

After 33 years of service, Anthony Galeazzo, assistant superintendent for buildings and grounds, will retire June 30. A graduate of the former Canisteo Central School District, Galeazzo is known for his knowledge of the facilities and personal commitment to the job, according to Superintendent Lorraine Patti.

“Actually, my very first teaching job was in the district,” Patti said, “and Tony was working here then.

“He's a corner stone of the buildings, literally,” she added. “It will be very difficult to replace Mr. Galeazzo.”

Including his education, the 55-year-old has spent 46 years with the district. He will leave with many memories.

“Oh there's a lot of them,” he said, “but I don't know if I can pull them off the top of my head. I guess the biggest anecdote is I'm finally getting out of school.”

Galeazzo said it's been a good fit.

“It's truly a different quality of life here in this area,” he said. “I still to this day have no concern about going anywhere at night. It's a pace that I prefer.”

Though school has been Galeazzo's life for nearly five decades, he does have plans for his newfound free time. He bought Vander View Golf Course in Alfred about seven years ago and now can devote his labor to it.

“I've been an absentee owner,” he said. “I have the time right now to try and make that into a little nine-hole golf course.”

Galeazzo is looking to be a hands-on owner and expects to be out mowing the grass.

“I hope to do some physical work and get away from pushing paper,” he said. “I'm hoping to lose around 100 pounds.”

The district is making plans to find a successor. According to Patti, the district plans to change the title to director of facilities and make the job a civil service position. The state, she said, is moving in that direction and district officials feel it's best to follow suit.

Galeazzo, however, isn't ready to say goodbye to Canisteo-Greenwood for good. He plans to volunteer his time at the school serving on the Health, Safety and Facility Committee, as well as the Canisteo Living Sign Project. Of course, after so long, it's not surprising he's not ready to part ways. Galeazzo said it's community support for the district that has made a difference throughout the years.

“When I started there was one light receptacle and four light bulbs in the standard classroom in the high school building,” he added. “We've come a long way, and it's all due to the people in the community supporting us.”