1. Durham Dupler Razor........Dale Carney
2. Old Royal Typewriter........Mary Lou Wightman
3. Old Containers.......Margaret Stephens
a. Pure Test Bovic Acid
b. Durkee's Paprika
c. NYAL  Poison
d. Gas Lamp Mantles 

4. Oak Framed Document Canisteo ......Dr. Donald Davidson, Fire Dept. to S.P. Marsh dated 1893
5. 1934 Kanistean......Connie Crane,   1880-1980 Alumni Dictionary
6. USS Canisteo Navy Uniform Blouse, Fireman 2nd Class Seaman........ John & Sue Babbitt
7. Scrap Book  Hornell area & Railroad related clippings
          1920's 'National Police Journal' w/ items re: chief of Police of Hornell.......Wm Berry
8. Local History Books, Wayland  Howard  Greenwood
   'The Way We Were' by V. VanTassel
    Plus several other books on our local history.......John Babbitt
  Many thanks go the First State Bank, Kay Bancroft, Virginia Dickey, Carolyn Kerr and Margaret Stephens for this years Calendar.            Photo's in this years Calendar are:
          Jan  1910 view of down town Canisteo showing NYP tracks.
          Feb  Wilson & Talbot Store in South Canisteo
          Mar  Four corners 1910, Jasper
          April  Passenger Train along the Canisteo River
          May  WW II Honor Roll, Canisteo
          June  Union School  Greenwood
          July  1898 Fireman's Celebration  Canisteo House
          Aug  Baker Homestead, corner of the river road and Baker's Gulch Road
          Sept  Bethesda Hospital, Cleveland Ave. North Hornell
          Oct  Ordway Bridge, Canisteo
          Nov  1900 McCormick-Deering farm machinery  in 'The Park', Canisteo
          Dec  1970 'The Park' -- Canisteo

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