Paul Cone Jr. Sunday, 3/29/09, 6:08 AM
ATTENTION CANISTEO CENTRAL SCHOOL CLASS OF 1999 The 10 year class reunion will be held July 24 and July 25, 2009. Please send me your current email address as we will be emailing all the information. Families if you know of someone who graduated in 1999 from CCS, please give them my email address so we can add them to the list.

Thank you for your support,
Paul Cone Jr.

Our 1999 Geocities Webpage
Below are the classmates we do not have an email address for:
Brian Avery, Jennifer Blake, Jerald Bortle, Chris Brown, Mike Cavanaugh, Paul Chaffee, Bryan Crandall, Jennifer Davis, Cory Davis, Barb Eldridge, Danielle Fairman, Minhee Greene, Dan Guild, Gary Harrison, Dave Hooper, Peter Jessup, Terry Kendall, Tim Kneale, Becky Lain, Marisa LaShure, Teo Lazar, Cheryl Lunsford, Tom Mason, Jodi McDaniels, Colin McGee, Keli O'Dell, Jamie Ordway, Kiersten Ordway, Nichole Potter, Colleen Robinson, Kyle Robinson, Brinette Roche, Megan Smith, Eric Stewart, Luke Thompson, Matt Vance, Kathy Wentworth, Aren Williams, and Kattie Woodward

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